Bingo Pinballs

Created on 03/27/2014

The Troll has been a good friend throughout my Bingo-Years, but to be honest, sometimes I have “no idea in the world” why he sends me some of the things he sends me _ laugh _ Good thing we all love the guy!!

Exhibit A:

From: Larry Lemmerman <ltroll@yah>
To: Danny Leach <bingopinballs@yah>
Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2011 6:26 PM
Subject: Money Maker bingo pictures..

Hi Danny...Please go has pictures of the Sirmo Money Maker bingo..If you go to "2 card bingos" the price and pictures of "Money Maker" are there.....Also look under the heading of parts...WIMI displays...(Shows difference between Euro-Star continental and the Green Diamond displays).....At the bottom of parts is "Backglasses"....Shows the" Miss Americana" with the magic lines in the center....Very good reference to clear up some confusion.....Be sure you have google translate on for the descriptions if you look at the Machines...Hope you have a great weekend...Larry..aka Troll...


?? Money Maker is a Cool 2-Card bingo, so maybe he is telling us we can relate it to Miss Americana ??




?? Euro-Star Continental and Green Diamond are both 6-Card machines, so maybe he is telling us we can relate those two together ??


I’ll add some pics to this post (this weekend when I can get to my archives) to help us figure this all out!!

?? I am wondering that if the machines features are the same, if the machine internals are the same ??




~ Stay Tuned ~