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Created on 03-27-2014 – Last update 01-02-2018


Man, I love those layouts below, just excellent views of the Bingos`

Well, Will started writing me years ago and kindly keeps in touch as he releases new machines out on VPForums. These machines are fun to play and follow the rules perfectly, emulating all the features of each Bingo _ Pretty Cool.

Will has developed some great contacts over the years and is also a source of some great photos _ Check out that note below where he recently sent a Hole-in-One photo to Phil _ Sweet!



Here are the newest images of Broadway 51 and Frolics in Visual Pinball 9.2.1 r866 and higher. These are desktop tables made by me; I don't mess with cab or cabinet work so those folks are out of luck for a long time.


Anyway, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.


PS: Recently got a hold of Phil at the bingo site he has and send him a backglass image of "Hole In One" by Bally. He too wants to know what is up with Visual Pinball.


Apparently 99% of the authors want nothing to do with bingos because they are "flipperless". I've been working with VP too long to give up on the flipperless spectrum of VP. Damned bingos are too darned addictive :)






aka druadic at



Well, I am glad Will hasn’t given up, cuz I don’t give up either _ laugh _ Hell, I started these bingo pages 20 years ago!






















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