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Created on 03/26/2016 _ Last update 01/25/2020



If you look closely at the ball-shooters, all of the machines are “tagged” like they were part of a police-raid or something` Obviously this is

related to law-enforcement, likely the IRS and a Federal matter. That guy definitely strikes me as “government” but not FBI – Hmmm`


Anyway: This photo is kind of ironic, that guy is actually playing one of those machines that were confiscated because they were illegal`




In 2012’ Roger wrote to me and pointed me to a bunch of old photos that started popping up “for sale” on ebay, all around the

end of the year toward Christmas. The photos were like the one above and were all from the same Seller and none of the pictures

have any real detail describing them, none of them state the true source of the photo`


The only clue available to chase is the watermark “Photoseeum” and it is basically a deadend`


They have a pretty Cool website out here on the Internet selling antique photos and press images, but they are not pinball experts nor

history-junkies, where they really know what they are selling and/or they don’t share detail due to copyright – Who knows`


Anyway`this is another photo that was clearly taken for a newspaper or magazine article – the odds are newspaper`





Please help me identify this photo if you can – I would very much appreciate it – Thank you`


























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