Bingo  Pinballs

Created on 03/26/2016 _ Last update 12-31-2015



For the 6-Card Bingos I wanted to begin with Super Ball, because so many people think these 6-card machines are all same and in many ways that is true (they have a similar format) but in just as many ways, they are all different.


Sure, they all have the same basic individual card structure and elements:


Corners Score As 5 In Line When Lit

All Scores Doubled

All Scores Doubled-Doubled

Advancing Odds

Red Diagonal Line Score When Lit

Yellow Super Line When Lit



…but then you have that center section and that is where the shake-ups begin


Here the Magic Numbers game is combined with a 3-Numbers game where they give ya one of the numbers!


Next to that is a Penalty One Ball game!


Below that, the namesake Super Ball game, which is dot matrix Slot Machine!


 The dot matrix screen on the left guides you through all of your options and provides game instructions,


This thing is full-loaded and helps show the wonderful power and diversity of the 6-card Bingos,






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