Bingo Pinballs  

Created on 03/26/2016 _ Last update 01/17/2020



In 2016 when I made this page I wrote: “I would have sworn that I had already made a page for these, but I do not see it??”


Even weirder here in 2020 I notice that the name of this page is “201461.htm” which means I wrote it 2014, so here I find

myself apologizing again “that I have completely lost track of another bingo” – Yikes`


…ok. Let’s start over - 2020`


Until I find out for sure, I am going to guess that this is a Splin Bingo. That is in my memory and it has the look`

…and if you search on the game name, in the responses you get three Splin references along with many references to Italy.


Bingo Pinball = Kakiparis


Splin Export (Italy)



 These two pictures from my original post are still in my folders and time-stamped 2014`




In that same folder is this picture from 2010 that I never posted`


Kakiparis Cabinet - Large Nice.jpg


 Which is great and confrims the splin-theory, look at that text right below that Golden Star Bonus – Stella D’oro

Cool, now check out that other text on the other side of the backglass, center, deatil on the Import Company – Nice`


Wow, take a close look at that 6th-card – Awesome`




I found these pictures today in a folder under Countries, under a folder titled Italy, and they are dated 2015`


14254890041854.jpg 14254890066802.jpg 













…ok, much better – Now we have a chance to properly capture this history`


































Stay tuned`