Bingo Pinballs

Created on 3-25-2016 _ Last update 11-07-2016


Well I have these posted as Wimi, GAA, and Sirmo as of this date, laugh!


Even worse, my file show me that I was helping someone trouble-shoot one of these and I didnít nail that detail down?





At first look here, this red banner game, other than what appear to be a few background colors on the backglass, looks to be the same as the green banner machines Iíll try to get everything together and finish chasing this down Ė For sure we have an early machine, right out of the Bally Continental playbook!

















Wimi's Super Six is basically a Bally Continental

 Steve works on his Wimi Super Six (6-Card)

  G.A.A Super Six Cards













Super Six Cards - Green Banner Variant




If you know who made these bingos please write to me Ė Thank you!












_ stay tuned _