Bingo Pinballs

This page was created on 01-13-2014

United Meters _ 1956 Caravan




That top meter is the “Play Meter” and that bottom meter is the “Replay Meter”


78039 nickels = $3951.95


53056 nickels = $2652.80


Equals a maximum of 67% payout!


Equals a minimum profit of $1299.15


Which is truly a minimum, totally dependent on how many people took their replays in coins and truly walked away from the bingo, which is probably unlikely in many cases _ I bet most people who won less than 50 cents just kept playing.


If the bingo cost $300 brand new, this owner/operator did OK!! _ A $1000 dollars in the 50s was “big” money!!









Keep your coin meter, but hide it from the law!
























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