I was reading a thread the other day (it might have been from Nick) where he and others wondered about the 20-Hole Bingos!


 No real Mystery!


Yeah, these machines are kind of elusive! These Mystic Line bingos were being released during the turbulent years, where the crackdown on these games was in full-swing- The government (local and federal) were either going to get their share of the profits (through licensing and/or taxes) or they were going to kill this Industry! – By this time, these machines were outlawed in most States.


These Bingos were destine to ship overseas _ As advertised!


_ The Folies Bergeres flyer and press release references are the best evidence, that that was true - look at any of the 65’ flyers! _


…but, what it doesn’t explain is why it seems that so few of these were built and why so many are now back and/or still here in the States,


Those factoids are missing - I could guess, but it would be just that!



For sure, Bally was looking at the End-0f-Days!


This was circa 65’ and only a few more Bingos would be designed and released to close the Era!


…the flyer for Beauty Beach kind of shows the “strain” the industry was feeling,


Bally threw this 20-Hole out as “The Greatest Bingo in 14 Years of Bingo History”


…when really She was just the natural progression to Border Beauty,


Adding the extra “Lit Color Scores Triple” building upon the features the early Mystic Line machines would share with us!




These Bingos would help sustain Bally and the Distribution Network – Help pull them through the tough-times, but the clock was ticking!














Beauty Beach - "Triple Scores"





































 Created on 10-01-2016