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Ask a few of the vets and they will likely say that the OK Games with the Red Letter feature are probably Bally’s most famous and popular bingos!


…and it all started in 1959 with County Fair


The Red Letter game is really a next game bonus feature that sets you up for a free game on your next play that comes complete with guaranteed odds and features. To win this game on the 25-Hole bingos, you play the Magic Screen with the OK feature lit and you play the last two screens that Bally changed up for the Red Letter game. On Sea Island we found the Magic Screen positions stretched out to “H” which Bally took back out of the OKs and added two screens in it’s place, complete with a new Orange Section that is the key to the Red Letter game.


….All of these photos are courtesy of Jeffery Lawton and are much larger than they appear if you want to borrow them…..


Let’s start by looking at the lights on the above Golden Gate, which has the OK feature enabled, is showing the last two screen positions with the new “L”-shaped Orange Section, and has the letter “L” in the word “Golden” illuminated in red.


The red “L” is the identifier for the Red Letter “game-within-a-game” and directly relates to the additional Score Card on these games, like this one below from Golden Gate:



Each letter in the Red Letter name has two bulbs behind it _ One red and one white _ Which Identifies the guaranteed odds and features you would have in the free game if you win it. In this case “L” _ The red/yellow/green scores would automatically be set to the odd levels shown, the Yellow Super Sectiion would automatically be enabled, The Magic Screen would automatically be advanced to the “D” Screen position, and the Extended Play would be set to Before 5th Ball _ Awesome free game if won!


 This Red Letter game is progressive too. Until won, it advances “G” to “N” one letter at a time with each new game _ Which either kept you putting in more coins to hopefully when it and/or changed your Magic Screen strategy _ This added a real exciting level of play to the bingos!


Better yet, prior to moving the screens to the last two positions to play the Orange Section: As you moved and played, you could take wins along the way. Read the top line of that Red Letter Score Card carefully.


Very Cool _ What’s even better (especially now days with 99.9% of these machines in the home) you don’t have to play the free Red Letter game, you can continue to let it advance and become more attractive.


Side Note: Some first time players of these machines win the free game and want to play it, but don’t understand how to get it to start. The trick is that little note right there that states “holding the R-button to obtain Red-Letter Game” it means just that: “After registering your replays, you need to hold that button down and let the machine respond.”


Side Note: On the Golden Gates (Gate Games) it was either/or _ The Gate feature would not enable if the OK feature already did and vise-versa, so pay attention during your coin-play and your pick-a-play selection.


Side Note (laugh) I think there is an additional twist/nuisance or two to this feature on the Futurity Bingos, I’ve never had one, so forgive me if I have missed anything here?


……Letter “O” Illuminated…… ……Top bulbs are Red……


……Letter “O” Illuminated…… ……Bottom bulbs are Red……


……Letter “L” Illuminated…… ……Top bulbs are Red……




Bingo Trivia: Some of the 20-Hole Special Games were Red Letter games too.











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