Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-24-2020



Here we know a little about the history of this photo, it was in an American newspaper in 1972 posted with the article below`







What is not so obvious is in which city and tavern was this photo take in`


For those who track this stuff, TAC was an amusement company operating out of the New Orleans area in 1972`


From the text written next to that ad, I assume the person who found and posted this detail doesn’t really care about

the city or tavern. No, their search was very specific, they searched that historical archive for newspaper articles about pinballs.


They searched on “w/pinball”


Makes sense, they are operating a business that covers a niche-market out here on the Internet. They search historical archives,

to find old pinball stuff like this, and then posted it out here on the Internet “for sale” to make a profit.


There are people who collect this kind of thing - So, we get lucky here`


..and get another piece of the Story`









…now I think this photo below is the source of that photo above -or- is in the same photo set`


pair antique bingos.jpg2.jpg


I am working to also find the source of this photo, to find a larger copy and some detail`



































Stay tuned`