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Created on 01-31-2020



Well let’s set the record straight`it wasn’t 1951`


download (6).jpg


In fact, it was 1955`and Bally released the first of the first of the Magic Squares bingos - Broadway`


…and detailed ads like this started running in magazines like Cash Box advertising this new technology`


Very Cool, but just a part of the Story`


Immediately below the card there is that first “magic ring” with the (4) “advancing arrows” on the left, and as you deposit

coins those arrows start to tic off and eventually you enable the ABC Magic Squares – The “D” quadrant is a little harder to get to`


A few more coins is required and along the way, either the 2 -or- 18 is Spotted – Cool`


...and as all that is happening, the “magic ring” below that may-or-may not be awarding you Extra Time, which is

the chance to operate the Magic Squares before the 4th Ball and maybe before the 5th Ball too`






holand michigan ebay 2011.jpg


Broadway is just a great Bingo – One of my favorites`
















































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