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Roman Perez October 13, 2010 at 12:50am

Re: Bingo Pinballs


Hey what's up bro!

Well I'm from the dominican republic but I reside in brooklyn NY.

I play basketball. So I was in spain this summer and I bumped into a game place and there was the euro bingo pinball game!! It was prolly best live game I played in my life... 7 bingo cards and each card was 20cents.. I would play 4 cards... there were numbers from 1-25... in the pinball part the numbers were top row 1-7, 2nd row 8-13, 3rd 14-18, 4th 19-22, last row 23-25... in each card in the 4th row out of 5 rows, there was a blue strip. If those numbers came out ur prize increased. Also, if u on border of winning prize, the number lits up red, in where u need to land it to win.. If the light blinked slow prize was low, if it blinked fast den prize was good and if it blinked fast to the point where u couldn't c how fast it was goin den the prize was HUGE... It was all about timing with me. I would play 80cents and sumtimes win 20 dollars... most I won was 44 dollars with 80 cents...


Amazingg!!! I wished they had somethin like dis in NY... it was addiciting but soo fun!!!!





 ~ I ran into Ramon on Facebook and he was kind enough to share these memories of his recent “first time” experience with the bingos! ~


Thxs Brother _ Welcome to the Team!










~ Bingo Pinballs _ What’s not to like! ~